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Current Affairs 2019

The two words – Current and Affairs close to present a noteworthy name to a theme of study. Current means recent, day to day life and affairs mean events, issues etc. Therefore current affairs area unit the day to day incidents and events around us.

General Knowledge (GK) for all Exams

(This section or category is specially designed and developed for General Knowledge, (national level as well as international level). Each day specific set of questionnaires are posted at specific time). The answer related to these questionnaires are send out after some time the same day or the whenever asked for, we encourage aspirants to research on their own, about the questions asked. Spoon feeding is bad habit, (calm sea/oceans never made good sailors). Lets pull our socks and work towards the common goal of Civil Service Examination

Latest News 2019.

The News Section can be an often underrated by the UPSC and other Civil Service aspirants and Govt.Foundation visitors, yet powerful PR tool that showcases current and latest news around world, that is making headlines around our beloved “Pale Blue Dot”.

List of Everything (EEE)

The section/part of the website concentrates on list of fact figures, study material from India, Indian subcontinents and around world. These fact figures are political, geographical, historical, related to civilization and native settlements, industrialization, inventions and innovations etc. We try to compile data suitable for you to study and make notes of it.

Top 10 Global/International Level

List of Top 10 Global. We will and get all the data about the TOP 10 in everything. This is only dedicated to International level. This category goes beyond geographical distances to make you aware about international achievement. Click HERE for Top 10 Indian List.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Top 10 within India

This section is dedicated and only concentrates on Top 10 achievements, fact figures about India. We decided to segregate the National and International list. Click HERE for Top 10 Global/International list