Quiz 75: GK for all Civil Service Examination (CSE) - Updated 2019

  1. Birth rate and Death rate is calculated number of per ?
    [A] One Hundred Thousand (100000)
    [B] Ten Thousand (10000)
    [C] Thousand (1000)
    [D] Hundred (100)

  2. Please select the appropriate date for "World Refugee Day".
    [A] 20 June
    [B] 20 July
    [C] 20 August
    [D] 20 September

  3. Systematic Summary of record transaction between country of origin and rest of the world is known as …
    [A] Trade Balance
    [B] Absolute Flow
    [C] Balance of Payment
    [D] Net Capital Flow

  4. What is Laissez Faire System (Capitalism) in minimal terms?
    [A] No Govt. Intervention
    [B] Little Involvement of Govt.
    [C] Complete Control of Govt.
    [D] Complete Control of Consumer

  5. Which of the five year plan gave great importance to Agriculture/Farming, Power Project and Irrigation systems development?
    [A] Third five year plan
    [B] First five year plan
    [C] Fourth five year plan
    [D] Second five year plan

  6. The Hoarding Effect (bad money drives out good) was introduced by which of the following from the list?
    [A] Low Economic Growth (Recession)
    [B] Capitalism
    [C] Law of Inflation
    [D] Gresham’s law is a monetary principle

  7. Select the “First insurance company of India”.
    [A] General Assurance Company of India
    [B] LLoyds
    [C] Life Insurance Corporation of India
    [D] Oriental Life Insurance Company

  8. “Demand of the product/goods is has direct impact to the Price associated with the product” …
    [A] Giffen Good
    [B] Gresham’s law
    [C] Wagner’s law
    [D] Keynes’ law

  9. Valorem Tax” is related to …
    [A] Production
    [B] Import
    [C] Export
    [D] Value

  10. The title of “World First Automotive/Automobile Company” is secured by which of the following company?
    [A] Volkswagen
    [B] BMW
    [C] Mercedes Benz
    [D] Ferrari

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Ok, will try and post them answers ASAP.