The Indian Harvest Festival

Tuesday, January 15, 2019 3:30 AM

The Indian Harvest Festival

Background Context

Discussion on HARVEST SEASON in India for different vegetations and spices, all from up North to down South.

Wide Variety of Harvest Festivals Celebrated Across India

  1. Makar Sankranti
    This particular festival is celebrated whenever the Sun enters the zodiac name Makar i.e. Capricorn (the one with Goat symbol), then after the days becomes lengthy with more sunlight and shorter nights.

  2. Pongal
    This festival is bit of famous in South India, especially in state of Tamil Nadu (TN), Pongal is celebrated for around 4 days at the time of seasonal crop harvest.
    In South India and particularly in Tamil Nadu, it’s the festival of Pongal which is being celebrated over 4 days at harvest time.

  3. Magha Bihu
    The festival of Magha Bihu is celebrated specially in state of Assam and other North Eastern part of India. The Magha Bihu has the custom of offering the first harvest of the season to their Gods along with prayers to hope for peace and prosperity.

  4. Uttarayan
    The State of Gujarat is known to celebrates the Joyful paper-kite festival popularly known as Uttarayan.

  5. Maghi
    Maghi is the Punjabi name for the festival discussed above Makar Sankranti. Bathing in the holy river during early morning hours is an important ritual to be performed as the part of Maghi festival.

  6. Saaji
    Here comes again the Makar Sankranti, alternatively known, as Saaji in the famous hill station city of Shimla located in Himachal Pradesh. It is marked as the start of the new month of Magha.

  7. Kicheri
    The harvest season in Uttar Pradesh (UP) is marked by the bathing into the holy river. It is reported that more than two million people gather at rivers to perform this ritual of holy bath, in early morning hours followed by fasting.

Outside India

  1. Shakrain
    This festival is celebrated as annual function to maker the celebration of winter in Bangladesh, usually celebrated with joyful flying of Paper-kites.

  2. Maghe Sankranti
    This is a festival observed on the first of Magh in the Bikram Samwat Hindu Solar Nepali calendar (about 14 January).

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