Womaniya on GeM

Wednesday, January 16, 2019 3:30 AM

Womaniya on GeM

Background Context

It is an initiative launched by the Central Government “Government eMarketplace (GeM)” to enable and recognise entrepreneurship among women and self help groups to allow them sell different products utilizing the platform.

Key features of the initiative

  • The ambitious initiative or scheme Women on GeM aim to develop strong women entrepreneurship targeting gender equality in economic growth.
  • This enables women entrepreneurs and other self-groups to get into business and sell handmade handicrafts, handlooms products, home furnishing products to variety government ministers, departments and institutions.

Importance and the need for such initiatives

  • It was reported that around 80% of the Women-Owned SMB or enterprises are self-funded or self financed. - - With around 60% of 80 lakhs units are operated by women entrepreneurs and belongs to socially challenged sections.
  • The idea that women invest 90% of the earnings into their families to provide them required nutrition, food, health care and education to family members (specially childrens). This financial and economic empowerment is important for liberate these masses from poverty-stricken situations, this was only possible through empowering women locally and providing them the platform i.e. Womaniya initiatives.
  • Womaniya on GeM is expected to look after the issues, address goals and objectives of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals number 5 i.e. Gender Equality and Empower all Women and Girls.

Brief About GeM

  • Government eMarketplace is online platform to procure the developed goods and services by the Different Ministries and variety agencies of the Government.
  • Government eMarketplace provides complete procurement (end to end solution) of commonly and everyday goods and services towards all various department of central government and public sector units, etc.
  • Government eMarketplace aim is to super enhance efficiency, speedy procurement process, operational transparency and elimination of corruptions in procurement of goods and services to the government department and affiliated bodies.
  • **Government eMarketplace is completely owned by the Central Government of India and placed under the Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry for procurement of Goods and Services by Govt.

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